Workshop: Learning with Mobiles – Designing, Developing, Delivering


What is the EAGLE Project?

EAGLE is an EU FP7 project devoted to developing an online informal learning environment for officials in rural organisations. This workshop is based on the EAGLE project and on several observations.

  1. There is an abundance of online resources from which to learn – communities, groups, videos, downloads, experts, websites, podcasts, friends, blogs; many of these are apparently free, some are open, a lot are transient, some are rubbish;
  1. Learners live in a world of connection and mobility, where they access these resources continuously, spontaneously and simultaneously, amidst conversations, obstacles, obligations and tasks in the real and online worlds;
  1. Informal learning is not necessarily consolidated in curricular, textbooks and qualifications, learners need to query, rate and review the people and resources from which they learn, and to establish their own growing expertise;
  1. Infrastructure, attitudes, tariffs, access, coverage and handsets change, vary and differ across people, communities, regions and countries;
  1. Learners need better educational experiences not more educational artefacts;
  1. Much of the history, methods, techniques, theories and expertise of mobile learning has been inherited from its ancestry in e-learning with computers in the universities, colleges, schools and corporations of the global North.

The EAGLE project’s pedagogic team have treated these observations as axiomatic, and a new beginning for learning with mobiles. This workshop will explore the consequences these observations in order to define the ‘design space’ and ‘lesson plan’ that learning with mobiles must occupy and provide the outline of a design/teaching process that could deliver appropriate mobile learning experiences.

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Product Description

Conference delegates and presenters interested in this EU sponsored workshop are welcome to attend.

Title: Learning with Mobiles – Designing, Developing, Delivering

Date: September 13th, 2016

Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 noon EAT

Cost: Free

Only 30 seats available

This workshop will be facilitated by the distinguished Prof. John Traxler – The World’s first Mobile Learning Professor, now Research Professor of Digital Learning, University of Wolverhampton UK.

Workshop Outline

The workshop breaks into sections

  1.    Why Mobile?
  2.    Living with Your Mobile
  3.    Learners with Mobiles
  4.    Learning from Abundance
  5.    Developing Personae
  6.    Starting to Design

This workshop is based on the EAGLE project.



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